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ep lookinging

at a night sky, just like have never realize. The half is empty, too Xuan fire turtle from appear to arrive at this time,

has been put attention at red burning body, for rest of person just describe with a delicate touch of swept several eye,

not and too care. At the moment, red gold, red Xia, red cloud, red light four people Teng body but, this let too Xuan fire

turtle rather the sum is upset, the vision stare at red burning, coolly way:"You does the plan helplessly looking at them

to walk into death?" The red burning vision is tiny to move and coldly swept tooUgg Boots Clearance  a Xuan fire turtle is one eye, cold

way:"So falsely match you of intention." Too the Xuan fire turtle is very angry and drink a way:"I to just is you." Red

burning not cold and lukewarm way:"Regrettable here in addition to you, return is different from a person." One Shan but

die, too the Xuan fire turtle avert from a red gold match of four people to round, appear in the red burning in front and

query a way:"You other people within who?" Red burning way:"The nature is the late lament." Too the Xuan fire turtle double

Mi with tiny eye, the rise took a look on all sides, light hum a way:"BE them, the circumstance which see appearance you be

very disadvantageous." They is who, the his Xuan fire turtle have no dictum, red burning but seem to know, the facial

expression seem to be very equanimity."The destiny always rise and fall uncertain and your Mo be too satisfied.Our arrival

to you, that is also 1 kind to destine." Too the Xuan fire turtle disagree a way: BE?That we come right away once the wager

try luck and see the absolute being of destiny Be partial to who. Red burning counter-attack, the red gold which saw an eye

float to fall wait for someone, order way:Need not anxious, the time of tonight we be good friends with good cherish
  . This words are some odd, can Bo father member but never inquire, consistent station at red burning after death, quiet

quiet wait for opportune moment. Looking at red burning, too the Xuan fire turtle sneer at a way:Are these your moral

integrities?Never-failing stupid? Red burning way:This is 1 kind to persist, you can never understand true meaning.Too the

Xuan fire turtle hum a way:Bigotry of persist be stupid, I didn't need to be understand and can't care, either.Now, the

late lament already approach, you plan how welcome? The red burning noodles has no facial expression and took a look that

blue in the night sky of cloud, cold way:The late lament meet, I naturally ovation- The words still spread the voice of one

woman in the night sky in the ear. Disappear for several years, now already the thing be not a person and the time is

really heartless.Clear out one Shan, the shadow of human figure Tu go to, a green cloud on, is sign three woman at this

time.Such situation, such tone, in addition to snake absolute being outside, also have who person?Red burning looking at

snake absolute being, the look in the eyes be some weird, light tone way the ∶ time have been heartless, current affairs

100 become odd. Snake absolute being's facing red burning vision not Shan doesn't avoid, elegantly simple way:Several

thousand year on meet, days pass.The tonight mutually meet, is also a predestination. Red burning way:The predestination

mutually meet to destine night a life time of final outcome, we destine to separate.Too the Xuan fire turtle despise

way:Swear allegiance at the predestination, that be the mental state of the weak.The only strong then can win world and get

away from a predestination. The snake absolute being saw too a Xuan fire turtle be one eye and the idea had a way:Xuan

fire, strong from thou all short life, good luck heaven's will can't letter.That year you personally experience of matter,

turn an eye you to forget. Too the Xuan fire turtle drink a way:Shut up, rest and mention these in my in front, I still not

demand you to teach.Say, do you come to have a purpose here?The snake absolute being is some disappointed, cool way:I come

to in order to call on the late lament, by the way corroborate heaven's will.Too the Xuan fire turtle say with

smile:Heaven's will?Only helped of the talented person will believe these. The snake absolute being is tiny to hum a

way:You not letter don't mean other people not letter, predestination of theory not run into can't letter. Too the Xuan

fire turtle derision way:Such, I give you a little times, let you talk a predestination well with him, theory a theory

heaven's will.The snake absolute being is some upset, but counter-attack, the vision move to red burning body, very regrets

way:Remember a time meet, that affair that is already once upon a time.The person, who mutually meet with me at that time,

isn't you. The red burning Han is the first:That is absolute being the evil war be previous occurrence of affair, but I was

born after the absolute being evil fight period.The snake absolute being swept one eye others, cool way:They also all was

born in absolute being evil war empress period? Red burning nod a way:Yes, the time took too many thing for think of. The

snake absolute being ask a way:You come to this, is also for taking those thing that don't belong to this worlds?Red

burning way:These be our responsibilities, is also our predestinations. The snake absolute being smell speech sigh, the

rise looking at the night of utter darkness, the language contain deep the way of idea:Bo father a clan is a war absolute

being of the son people be a daytime great king. The night is a kind of regret to you. The red burning mind is one

earthquake, thoughts and feelings moment return to absolute being evil war, return to that unforgettable night.The red Xia

felling arrive red burning of not in the right, hurriedly ask a way:The clan is long, you how Mo? Red burning return to

absolute being, twist a head to took a look red Xia four people, equanimity of way:Have no Shi Mo, I just thoughted of some

things of the past. Red cloud knit the brows a way:The clan is long, do you occupy to deceive us?Tiny shake head, red

burning way:I just don't think you to bear too many pressure.The tonight is a turn to us, you duty necessarily

concentration energy, can't Wei lock the matter divide attention. Red gold way:The clan is long to trust, we certain spare

no effort with all strength.Red burning smell speech very delighted, endorse a way:Good, this be the war absolute being son

people should have of heroism.The snake absolute being see everything in the eye and start to be suffused with in the heart

light and disappointed, the vision once swept five giant and fall at burning red horseback up, stare at black clouded

leopard, ask a way:Tend the Ji avoid fierce is you of special technical ability, you canned find out to reply at this time

of plan? The black clouded leopard stare at snake absolute being and hesitate a way:The Ji is fierce difficult measure,

this not it hour.The snake absolute being cool way:Good 1 this not it, hope you not wanted to be ungrateful to you of great

reputation. The language finish, the snake absolute being pullout vision, looking at too the Xuan fire turtle way:My words

temporarily say that finish, the time of surplus handed over to you. Too the Xuan fire turtle Yin say with smile:Not nasty,

there is also 1 right away approach.Snake absolute being with red burning not astonished, red Xia four people in burning

red horse but very surprise, twist a head to looking at horizon in succession. A short moment, a red light from far but

near, wink and then appear in the public eye. Careful see, that is 1 than red burning still want Gao Da4 of giant, the

appearance be dominant and extraordinary and hold in the hand a thick long of black wood, occupy two snake with small gold

color on the shoulder, forehead top have a black brown print to record, have a liking for to be like a poison scorpion,

hour often flicker shimmer, ten
  The evil evil spirit in cent. While seeing this person, the red light right away frightened and take off a people's

way:The red evil spirit is you! Coolly on smile, red evil spirit way:Quite good, is me. The red gold drink a way:Do you

come why? Red evil spirit Ao however way:I come from however is for the sake of red burning.Red way of Xia Nu:This front

clan long once repeatedly Rao you be deathless and you unexpectedly still dare to come to cause trouble and don't you feel

shame?Red evil spirit eye eyebrow on pick, cachinnation way:Shame?Why do I want shame?Red burning unless spread to accept

Bo father one clan several divine power with long clan, be he my opponent?Tonight, I come here, be the noodles which want

to be you to vanquish him, let you know, I be a Bo father one clan the most strong person. Red cloud way:Although Bo father

one clan is a war absolute being son people, emphasis on military power, can still have the heart of kindheartedness.You

for beg strength to don't hesitate to set foot in evil bad, haven't entitle to be Bo father clansmen. The red evil spirit

hum a way:Whether be Bo father clansmen me not rare, my purpose only have 1, that is to vanquish red burning, become the

most strong person of in this world. The red gold ask a way:You are true to want such, not penitence?The red evil spirit

laugh wildly a way:Will never penitence! Red cloud be light to hum 1, the vision move to red burning body, suggest way:The

clan is long, since he have heart to seek dead, you help him and don't need can empress he is entangled.Red burning facial

expression dark, cool way:Tonight only afraid a lead, have already have no later. The red cloud body is one earthquake and

take off a people's way:The clan is long, you- Red burning wave hand to keep red cloud from cross-examine, sink a track:At

present we have two strong enemy, demand we with all strength reply. Red Xia way:Clan long tube issue order, war absolute

being son the people have no be afraid. Red burning took a look four people at the side of body, sink a track:this war

extreme danger, everyone have to have mental state preparation. Red light way:"Want ~only effort, we have opportunity to

win. The red gold looking at red burning, light tone way:Is clan's ising long worrying about we? Red burning deny, selfish

way:.You are four people's 1 set, the two enemy term choose it a. The red Xia is some to worry, light tone way:The clan is

long, your Gu body battle, not equal to cent one person cooperate with you, so we would more trust. Red gold, red cloud,

the red light be consistent to approve, red burning but shake head negation.The enemy of the tonight dissimilarity early

times, you get renew through own efforts, I have no time to have regard for you.Red cloud way:"We four people cooperate and

each other look after, will not occupy.Pour is courageously the clan long Gu body war, we rather not trust. Red burning see

one the eye be four people, in the look in the eyes deeply wear several cent sigh, the branch open a topic to ask a way:

time be few, consideration good choice who. See a red burning ttitude resolute, the red Xia wait for someone also

inconvenience much advise, the four people small voice negotiated a short moment, end choice the red evil spirit be an

enemy. Knew four people's decision, red burning loose tone, give repeated advice to a way:now of red evil spirit, have

already can at will display war absolute being incomparable skill, you want to be thousand times small." Red light surprise

way:This how possibility.The war absolute being incomparable skill is go to strong learn, demand pay birth life, he how

ability at will display? Red burning bitter and astringent way:"The red Kui used the method of a certain improbity,

obtained great power, as a result not the demand pay a birth life price, can display out" the red Xia apprehensive a

way:"The clan is since long to know this circumstance and why still need to let us choose? This words are 1, red gold, red

light, red cloud all feel oddness, vision consistent fall at red burning body. Avert from four people's vision, red burning

looking at half empty of too the Xuan fire turtle and red evil spirit, cool way:how heaven's will is, at choice.The your

lifes' luck want oneself confidence. · the red Xia wait for someone not to understand, full is a doubt in the eye. There

is some emotional stirringses in the snake absolute being, light sigh a way:the life and death be a glimmer of and lie in a

read aloud.Your choice destined your results. The red gold query a way:"Say so, we does this war win a coupon in control?

The snake absolute being decline to comment, cool way:"DO not pay, will not have results to show a fruit. The red light hum

a way:You isn't this an useless talk?" Snake absolute being much didn't say, the vision moved to black cloud sable body,

the language way with the deep idea:the war be imminent and don't you mean to say some Shi Mo? The black cloud Yao is some

surprise, tiny Mi wear the double see snake absolute being, query way:you come only is for joining a crowd for fun just?The

snake absolute being say with smile:Do you worry me to would participate this matter?"Black cloud sable way:This can be

perhaps.Unless you is explicit to indeed mean, don't participate this matter. Snake absolute being way:.Good, I tell you,

tonight I in no case participate the affair of their both parties'. The black cloud sable is silent a short moment, ponder

a way:Since it is so, I letter you once.The relevant tonight is one war, I only four words send clansmen to the Bo father.

This speech 1 five giant be consistent to looking at black clouded leopard, is asked a way by the red light hair words:you

have the words of Shi Mo to keep say to would be. The black cloud sable looking at Bo father giant, the look in the eyes be

some strange, light sing a way:the golden light wither beautiful clouds to fly, night be handed down through generations to

accept concealed universe.The day fire move to spread future generations and the good luck predestination non- round

return. Red burning smell the speech facial expression dark, the eye bottom show unintentionally one silk regretful.Red Xia

with red cloud be tiny to knit the brows and contemplate the words of black clouded leopard.Red gold body tiny earthquake,

saw red light and red Xia, red cloud was one eye, the mouth Cape show unintentionally light disappointed. The half is

empty, the snake absolute being smell speech sigh, the big Xuan fire turtle doesn't think idea, red Kui Gu Ao

inhospitality, don't put the words of black clouded leopard at all in the eye. Breeze, shout to make to ring, take

algidity, flow out to go into from the entrance to valley, petting public body.The burning red neigh Ming is 1 and broke

dead silent, the Duo wear black cloud sable to jump up to arrive at a precipice bottom, far far looking at the situation in

the field. The snake absolute being see this, straight up and green cloud, arrive at Gao Kong who leave the number 100

Zhang, look down everything of foot. Lay up thoughts and feelings, red burning took a look the color of the sky, loudly

way:"The war of predestination in the tonight, everyone take out courage, let in former days of the brilliancy re- set

alight on this land! Red Xia four people together voice response, voice earthquake prairie.·war absolute being son people,

invincible.This is in former days the Bo father believe in of clansmen and now be heavy
  New ring out on the field ice. Big Xuan fire turtle a full face of despise, light hum a way:You if invincible, would come

to such Jing ground? The red evil spirit is cold to hum a way:Rest malarkey, Bo father a clan will fall to now of

situation, its being wrong be not in the clansmen, but lie in a clan long the leadership have no square.If from my

commander-in-chief, permit you unbridled here?" Big Xuan fire the turtle be some angry, cold Zhao way:Regrettable you what

all is not. The red evil spirit drink a way:Once the tonight lead, red burning is certain to die, I am a Bo father at that

time one clan the most strong person.Too the Xuan fire turtle hum a way:Afraid only afraid when the time comes dead of is

you. The red evil spirit answer criticism a way:Do you so say to don't don't mean the confidence that you necessarily

didn't win? Too the Xuan fire turtle is one Leng, gloomy way:Do you want to try first?Red evil spirit evil evil spirit on

smile, proundhearted way:Not nasty, later opportunity to have plenty of.Too Xuan fire the turtle be light to hum 1, no

longer quarrel with red evil spirit, the vision move to red burning body, query way:Can you still have the dying wish of

Shi Mo to hand over to treat? Red burning not angry, cool way:When fly a dragon to appear, you of life alignment end. Great

the Xuan fire turtle facial expression dark, angry a way:Rest to want startling statement creates a sensation, even if fly

a dragon to reappear, I can't follow Fu Zhe, either.Red burning answer criticism a way:"Such, you again why the need for

angry? The big Xuan fire turtle has no speech with rightness, Nu way:Are you procrastinate date? The red burning at heart

sigh, his being definite be procrastinate time, who want to still keep being too realize by the Xuan fire turtle. The

noodles has no facial expression, red burning ir equanimity, slow track:I just give you time preparation, in case you defy

spirit when the time comes.Too the Xuan fire turtle turtle cachinnation way:Not the Kui is a war the son people of the

absolute being, indeed as expected the Lei fall bright.Such I also don't have your cheapness and give you an opportunity to

make moves first. Red burning not worried, the red gold which swept one side of the eye body wait for someone, order

way:Everyone caution, of the taking or rejecting decision gain or loss.Red gold positive color way:The clan is long to

trust, we understand. Red burning tiny Han head, don't give up of saw four people's one eye, light tone way:Beginning pair

of. Red Xia, red light, red cloud, the red gold respectively nod, together track:The clan is long caution and took good

care of.The language finish, four people play to shoot but, arrive at a red evil spirit neighborhood, vision lock arrive at

present this in former days companion, now of enemy. The red evil spirit is some upset, Nu way:Get away, I want to seek of

the person be red burning, you not I it enemy. The red light drink a way:Shut up, you this rebel basically have never

entitle to talk these.You still the darling be seized without putting up a fight.Red evil spirit look in the eyes the Yin

be cold and the Nu say with smile:I ain't qualified and you don't want to regret. Red gold way:From you so of the rebel be

our humiliation, tonight we personally send you one distance. Red evil spirit Nu track:Since you don't remember old friends

feeling, that not wanted to blame me and don't remind you, I have already given you an opportunity, is you don't appreciate

favors given by yourselves, wait for a while to rest and say me cruel. Red cloud way:Don't avoid awake make Tai, you of

behavior we all understanding.Since everyone walk to this one step, again many words all have no benefit at the matter, we

be at hazard still each, one wager day life. Red Xia way:Come, the gratitude and grudge tonight for several years be all to

conclude.The stone knife is one dance, the red Xia put to open power, in the look in the eyes deeply wear hate the idea red

cloud, red gold, red light respectively vigilance, four people round into 1 turn, consciousness the red evil spirit settle.

Icy cold on smile, the red evil spirit lay up wrath, coolly way:Since you Uggs Clearance    one heart such, I help you.The language finish,

the red evil spirit body be very hot fire to set alight, deep brown of flames deeply wear uncanny, give person a kind of

gloomy felling.Red Xia fours be slightly surprised, respectively urge to move divine power, the body be raging flames to

surround, the Yan fire of brightness shine on the whole valley of utter darkness of like the daytime, the air temperature

suddenly rise. Same time, red burning need red Xia to after wait for someone begin move forward to get close to  directly

and quickly too Xuan fire a turtle, the look in the eyes relentless looking at him and drink a way:War the son people of

the absolute being is stained with an enemy cheapness, you need not show off scheming. Too the Xuan fire turtle hum a

way:Since don't appreciate favors given, that we be each with the skill and see who be real strong.Soar to the skies to

start to turn over, too Xuan fire
  The turtle suspend horizon and the all over the body red light stab eyes and send forth a pressing vehemence. Red burning

quiet sign at the ground, didn't make track for shot, he be just rise looking at too Xuan fire a turtle, in the look in the

eyes deeply wear several cent strange. Too Xuan fire the turtle be some surprised, ask a way:Your plan station have a

competition with me on the ground?Red burning way:Have a foothold at the ground, solid groundwork. Too the Xuan fire turtle

hum a way:Suspend in day, variety. Red burning cold way:Such, be you why the need for hesitant? Too the Xuan fire turtle is

one Leng, red burning of the words let her have no speech with rightness.And, he also see not deeply red burning, be

suffused with to have a fan Mang in the heart of felling.See too Xuan fire a turtle, red burning have never make moves

sneak attack, he is to silently wait for, because he know to have a competition of final outcome. This night, ignore red

burning choose who, he will not occupy, because he see through a predestination. As for clansmen, red burning although have

heart to side with, opportunity to have no.This be the big stone that has been press in his at heart, let he helpless but

again can't dictum, can embed heart bottom. Night, silent have no voice, quietly passage. Snake absolute being with red

burning Ma3 Yi Ge4 in the day 1 is in the ground, from dissimilarity of the angle of view watch the circumstance in the

field and wait for war of approach.Night sky bottom, the light of fire be stirring.Red Xia etc. four people surround a red

evil spirit, after the preparation a short moment, red cloud 1 launched attack. Go to this, the prologue of big exhibition

open from here, red evil spirit and red Xia wait for someone to maneuver interleave and move to move in the night sky

vacillating, launched vehemence of fight shot. Along with the beginning of the belligerence, too Xuan fire turtle with red

burning of the atmosphere of also suddenly strain. Both parties stared at a short moment, too Xuan fire the turtle was end

still unbearable to wave hand to start an attack. The red red boxing lookinged at that Shan but gone to vigorously, red

blaze to seem to be very thin certainly, heart's knowing this be a Xuan fire turtle to sound out too much sexual of

attackstone, as a result once the better arm flick, the stone Fu in hand easily play that boxing strength to fly. Too Xuan

fire turtle light hum 1, for red burning of slight some upset, the heart read aloud to turn to move a vehemence to turn

over times, solidify of spirit strength from the day but decline, function at red burning body, right away solidify

neighborhood of district.Cool on smile, the red burning wrist turn to move, the stone Fu be tiny earthquake, a sharp-edged

of spirit strength break empty dispersed, moment the shot is too ground Xuan fire the space fetter of the turtle, let the

whole instauration equanimity. Some apprehensive, too the Xuan fire turtle knit the brows a way:Ratio spirit in years past,

you seemed to make progress.Red burning coolly way:Compare with at the beginning, but you seemed to be timidity. Too the

Xuan fire turtle hum a way:This is careful, not timid. Red burning way:Much time, careful equal timid. Too the Xuan fire

turtle Nu pole, roar a way:Shut up, this just just beginning, there is skill picking me up several recruit to try.Fly to

shoot but bottom, too the Xuan fire turtle make use of skill of vivid, launch fast relentless of attack. Red burning at

first quiet sign, the stone Fu in hand be anti- to fly a disease to shoot, beginning with all strength defense. Be the in

this world rare strong, too Xuan fire turtle with red burning each have advantage, make suit of strength together once the

Xuan fire fasten and just slightly have differentiation.The ether Xuan fire turtle but speech, his strength because of the

ground Xuan be one vein and own ground of control Xuan raging flames ability. But Bo father a clan is a day, the fire be

one vein one who spread to accept and contain in the blood of day dint with true fire, this is most time magic of a kind of

strength, when it's necessary can explosion a hundredfold power, attain have no hard not the state of the Cui.Ground Xuan

and day Xuan is two layer of dissimilarity, each have each advantage.Two if however hostile, doubtless brothers of contend

for, difficult break good and bad. For this reason, too Xuan fire turtle with red burning of war seem to be some weird,

both parties' recruit to see vehemence, actually effect combine ignore to think, have dint can not compare with of felling.

For this, too Xuan fire turtle with red burning all understand, can both parties be inattentive and still the power make

moves and this let the person don't understand very much. This place, red Xia, red light etc. four people and red evil

spirit of belligerence abnormality vehemence, five people belong to the same Bo father one clan, each other very

understanding, recruit type alike with minor differences, unique of differentiation would be respectively of real strenght.

Be a Bo father giant, five human body forms be huge, the divine power be thousand Juns, be not good at clever skill,

recruit to keep to keep to, the vehemence be astonishing. Among them, with red evil spirit most is dazzling, red gold face

top facial expression scathing, the stone implement in hand be horizontal to split Shu to cut and arouse to project

dazzling red red light blade, toward red evil spirit malicious attack. Red Xia with red cloud be or so to attack from both

flanks, red light is and red evil spirit after death, match companion of attack, launched relentless of sneak attack. Time,

in arouse the war past, imperceptibly, five people with belligerence several thousand recruit, respectively the body be

very hot fire combustion and reflect red whole
  Border. This night, the night sky of utter darkness became blood-red color, the red Hong was brilliant of flame such as

wave vacillating, set alight in this field ice sky. In the field, red evil spirit roars not unique, face four cooperate of

clansmen an attack, he although the real strenght be violent, also seem to be very exhausting.After all, both parties'

recruit type all acquaint with very much, red evil spirit although the real strenght excel four people, but want dint to

press four people also not easy. Keep in mind the facial expression of red evil spirit, the red gold drink a way:Everyone

add pair of strength, he have already wasted excessive physical strength, we will never the ability the slightest breathe

heavily the opportunity of interest for him.The red Xia breathe heavily thick spirit, response way:Effort, the our certain

bility obtain victory. Red light and red cloud together voice response, four people be close match, the recruit type

successively have a preface, make use of number advantage, started violent attack. Wait for someone an in the mind in the

red Xia, they know perfectly well a list dozen only the Dou isn't the enemy of red evil spirit, hence adoption car wheel

military tactics, four people one by one in order start strong offend, by turn with red evil spirit hard put together.

Such, red Xia etc. four people one by one in order recruit, there is the machine of breather, but the red evil spirit be

too busy to make proper response, consistent can not get rest, physique consume very astonishing. Be a war absolute being

of son people, the Bo father giant divine power have no, a recruit one type power surprised day, but need to be consume a

great deal of physical strength.Peacetime, the Bo father giant and different clan enemy belligerence, general 32 recruit

and then work°out a problem, nonexistent long time waste of physical strength. The now, red evil spirit and red Xia wait

for someone belligerence, both parties together be one vein, the recruit type be close by, physique of consume also alike

with minor differences. Such, although the red evil spirit own stronger real strenght, on the physique, the unlike red Xia

wait for someone to gain advantage.This truth, the red evil spirit be clear at the heart, but can't evade.He launch to

storm from the first and the hope's ability break the ice. Red cloud wait for someone long time life at black and forest,

already academic association many should enemy's technique, not with he hard put together. Such, both parties got in to

pull a dint match and the circumstance rightness red evil spirit be very disadvantageous.Teng body but, the red evil spirit

avert from red light of sneak attack, show unintentionally a bloodthirsty color in the look in the eyes, harsh voice

way:You don't  want to seek dead and I help you.Once the better arm flick, the black wood moment shine and be suffused with

a dark red of ray of light, in mid air formation a red cloud, toward under of four people cover go to. Red cloud flick arm

to counter-attack and the Nu drink a way:Leave that a moment beginning of seven star valleys from you, we destine to become

an enemy.Red gold way:Clan long once give your opportunity, is you don't know to cherish by yourself, now penitence already

too late. The red light float, very hot fire become cloud, red Xia four people recruit in the meantime, steaming hot of

very hot fire true the dollar change into four Tao Kuang pillars and faced top that red cloud of red evil spirit.Wink, both

parties' half be empty to meet, the strength remit to gather, pound at of strong Jin dint moment arouse to turn, caused

explosion thus, with one action drowned the situation in the field. Turn over body but, the red evil spirit explode to

drink 1, cold row way:Since have already had no old feeling, that doesn't want to blame me cruel.Be subjected to dead, the

Xing breeze blood rain! Along with the ring out of voice, cover with the strong breeze in the spark without restraint, the

furious wind roar and shout break empty but go to, float blood-red of light rain, moment cover with the whole valley,

formation a blood rain knot boundary. Blood fog inside the light boundary fill the air, blood rain remit to gather, four

red red breeze hold high speed revolve, just toward the red Xia, red light wait for someone blunt go to.Ground, the red Xia

wait for someone to respectively spread out in the explosion, the body just stood firm, heard a red evil spirit the voice

of that cold row. At that time, red cloud be surprised to exhale a voice, loudly way:Everyone caution, this be the war

absolute being incomparable skill one the type Xing breeze blood rain. Red gold anxious way:Quick take side, we cooperate

to counter-attack.The language finish, the red Xia wait for someone to remit to gather 1 ground, four people carry on the

back to toward to carry on the back, wield the weapon in the hand in the meantime, the Qing offer whole life dint, with an

upward exposure square started defense of counter-attack. Cha, four strength Teng empty but, hand over to remit fusion at

the four people sky, formation a bright of light cloud, at the right moment faced top four red red breeze hold, each other

vehemence collision, strength backlog, thus cause keep on sex of explosion, the war situation Hui be dark not clear.The

half is empty, the red evil spirit with all strength urge to move divine power, the maintenance be pre-eminent of

attack.Ground, the red Xia wait for someone to spare no effort to counter-attack, four amount of manpowers unite as one,

  The Heng wear that terrible of destructive power.This act kept on a short moment time, , the end breeze hold ground

crack, light cloud spread go to, both parties dozen become draw. A shot doesn't become, the red evil spirit be quick to

launch a second run attack, the black wood in hand return to turn to move, all over the body very hot fire and billowing

outside shoot, just like the god of fire in the color in night, give person a kind of Wei face the arrogant of world.

Ground, red Xia after wait for someone dissolved an attack quick launch defense.For red evil spirit of arrogant, all be

suffused with to have one silk in four publics bitter and astringent.Looking at the enemy of top of head, red light doubt

way:The war absolute being incomparable skill doesn't have to kill to harm dint to the clansmen, why display out from the

red evil spirit hand, change flavor? Red gold way:Under the normal condition, the war absolute being incomparable skill

definite don't have to kill wound dint to the clansmen.Can under the special circumstances, war absolute being's

incomparable skill's a kind ability cure us at the hopeless situation.Red light surprise way:Under the circumstance of Shi

Mo will appear this kind of situation.The red gold looking at to urge a red evil spirit of move the offensive, the way of

facial expression dark:When the each other body condition appear difference, the war absolute being incomparable skill

ability explosion terrible of power.At present, the physical endowment of red evil spirit had with us very big of

difference, this kind of difference degree more big, war absolute being incomparable skill power for produce also more

big.In other words, red evil spirit now display of war absolute being incomparable skill, already with our imagination in

of have very big differentiation, although recruit type, the characteristic be similar, can the attribute of strength but

already dissimilarity. Red cloud ask a way:Say so, if we display a war absolute being incomparable skill, similar also

ability to him result in biggest of injury?The red gold hesitated once and nod a way:Yes, just we can't be like him so, can

at will display. The red Xia smell speech on sigh, some bitter and astringent way:War absolute being incomparable skill to

us, that is ten thousand can not help of way, everyone don't be reckless. At present, we want ~only with one mind and have

an opportunity- BE say, the red evil spirit that is in out of the sky suddenly shout at top of voice, fierce roar way:War

absolute being incomparable skill two type-bloods become river! Because this explode to drink to spread, the blood

magnificent eye in the night sky, the black wood in the red evil spirit hand deeply wear red light, under his control a row

100001000, just like number not exert lightning flash be head fall in, cover with to wait for someone a head in the red Xia

up. Surprised shout 1, red light way:Carefully, the red evil spirit is to descend cruel, don't  want with the result that

we are at the hopeless situation. Red gold facial expression haze, suddenly and violently roar a way:Four pillar Qing day,

very hot fire dynasty dollar!Red Xia, red light, red cloud smell speech, quick arrive at a red gold body side four human

faces toward noodles, weapon in hand in the meantime Gao Ju3, hand over to remit 1:00, respectively urge to move divine

power, Qing exert whole life ability, gather four people's divine power to launch very hot fire dynasty dollar. At this

time, the red Xia wait for someone body red light sudden rise, constant continuously of very hot fire work properly a

dollar to flow out into weapon, become in four people's overhead square a bright light ball, roar and shout 1 and then keep

shoot horizon, aim at that red evil spirit to shoot. Same time, the offensive of red evil spirit have already launch as

well, countless lightning flash intertexture fusion, remit to gather a stab a purpose light pillar, from above and at the

right moment with red Xia four people send out of light the ball bump. That a moment, hand over to remit of two strength

moment stop bottom, each other with each other and not and mutually let and appeared to refuse to budge of form. The

lightning flash that is in addition and all over the place go into rain but bottom, shot dozen at red Xia red light wait

for someone body, earthquake of four Human body bodies flutter and respectively grind teeth. Face this kind of

circumstance, red Xia four people be some helpless, their Qing make an effort, go for broke, beg a very hot fire dynasty

dollar ability resist a red evil spirit of blood become river, as for get hurt that is unavoidable. However, war absolute

being the incomparable skill be outstanding, the red Xia wait for someone with talk to be Bo father clansmen, for war the

absolute being incomparable skill have equal of understanding, real face, depend on old bear biggest of pressure, big and

emollient the trend of the can not compare with. See this situation, red the evil spirit facial expression be ferocious,

big drink a way:Want to dissolve a blood to become river with the very hot fire dynasty dollar, you is really too

naive.Because this words ring out, red strength inside the evil spirit body increase, the heart read to turn to move a

vehemence sudden rise, half pressed down red Xia to wait for someone send out of light ball, right away earthquake four

Human body bodies shiver and vomit a blood. Stuffy hum 1, red gold waist once the pole stand, the Nu in drink to roar, all

over the body true dollar crazy flow out but, simply arrestment light crash down of ball.Red light, red cloud see this

situation, the double double suddenly and violently roar Si Ming, regardless of body condition, strong line courageously

left over strength, help the red gold carry on counter-attack. Half empty, red evil spirit body an earthquake, mouth Cape

overflow blood stain, cold in the eye light such as electricity, show unintentionally hatred poison of murderous look.

Again urge dint, the red evil spirit be nowise slacken, on wishing and placing red Xia to wait for someone at the hopeless

situation, root regardless of oneself condition of the injury. By so doing, red gold, red light, red
  Cloud sank into a predicament, three people however is a spent force, whole with a strength with malicious sum is at the

maintenance.The red Xia throw up blood to retreat, temporarily got away from that pressure and looking at a red gold three

people tottering, matchless and anxious in the heart. Too late consideration, the red Xia jump up but, the stone knife in

hand turn over flywheel to turn, intensive of the knife long grass intertexture integral whole, melt will become a red red

knife Gang, split toward the red evil spirit. Roars 1, the red evil spirit be some angry, he as long as again have a short

moment effort, ability with the result that three people are at the hopeless situation, who think but drive red Xia

arrestment.Move body few Zhangs, the red evil spirit averted from the attack of red Xia, the black wood anti- hand in hand

flicked, a dark red of light the pillar sweep but, at the right moment shoot the shoulder head of red Xia, there and then

and then will it earthquake fly. Ground, red gold, red cloud, red light three people made moves to temporarily dissolve a

crisis because of the red Xia and ask for help of very hot fire dynasty dollar of power, force cracked the blood of red

evil spirit river, respectively severely wounded fall on the ground. At this time, exactly red Xia drive at the moment that

earthquake fly, she the pain in shout to stab just like the benefit, deeply firm at red gold, red cloud, red light of in

the mind. Spare no effort to twist a head, red cloud see toward the red Xia go to, see her inclined to fly to sink into,

the body be complete out of control.The roars is 1, red cloud turn over a body but, harsh voice way:Red evil spirit, I want

to kill you! The red light smell speech an earthquake, take off a people's way:Red cloud, can't be reckless, we want to

together enter to back.The language finish, the red light flutter to start resolute and firm of face top show

unintentionally the feeling of the vicissitudes of life how many. Red the gold facial expression be strange, stare at top

of head, thoughts and feelings in heart 100 turn, just at consideration a certain affair.The Chi evil spirit hang empty but

sign, the ferocious mien be pressing, gloomy way:Want to kill me, you didn't°yet which skill. Red cloud Nu pole, roar a

way:Not good idea, war absolute being incomparable skill not only you would. The red light facial expression frightened and

drink a way:Red cloud rest to want the stem silly matter. The red gold smell speech wake up with a start, turn over a body

but get up red cloud nearby and the left hand suppress his shoulder and sink a track:The Mo is nasty, I have way to kill

off red evil spirit.?Red cloud be some to query and ask a way:Really? Red gold coolly way:Want ~only our match good, a

recruit and then can settle gain or loss. The red light apprehensive a way:How is match? Does the red gold looking at the

half empty red evil spirit, sink the track your Pa dead?Red cloud with red light together track:Not afraid! Red gold tiny

Han head, serious way:Such, you need to listen to me order be, now, red cloud go first a condition of the injury of have a

look the red Xia, then your a pair lord offend, I with red light from the side help, there is another important business.

Red cloud nowise hesitate, right away the stride rush out, very quick come right away a red Xia body a side.At the moment,

red Xia already the station keep body, the mouth Cape blood advantage, facial expression pale deeply wear several cent dead

ash. Red cloud hold tight the arm of red Xia and inquire a way:Important not? The red Xia fall once the Mo smile and shake

head a way:No harm. Red cloud way:That good, we continue attack.The red Xia much didn't ask, with red cloud is a to rush at

the sky toward the red evil spirit start new a theory attack.Uncanny on smile, red evil spirit way:Just with your 2, that

is oneself to seek dead. Red cloud answer criticism a way:Rest to want unbridled, the who's the winner haven't be able to

know. Red Xia basically not language, the stone knife in hand be inclined to split to sweep and the recruit type be simple

but fast. Red there is some despises in the evil spirit, gloomy way:Come and I send you one distance.The blood dye the

universe.Bend fingers in counting to play to shoot, red evil spirit mouth the blood,such as arrows, of the Cape fly and

remit to gather at the black wood in the hand under the control of the red evil spirit on displayed war absolute being

incomparable skill three type. Red cloud smell a speech color change and the mind be shocked. Matchless with red evil

spirit with make come get war absolute being incomparable skill surprise, was full of in the heart bitter and astringent.At

this time at the moment, red cloud is already severely wounded in the body with red Xia, rush root too late avoid being

seen, have to crustily skin of head to start counter-attack.Just one red Xia and the situation of red cloud, they really

can resist that terrible of war absolute being incomUgg Sale  parable skill?
  Seven spread eight dragon Teng a sea of clouds chapter 4 to have given a lot of thought after the boundary legend
  When death approach, person head quarter creation 1 kind resist mental state.Ignore a result how, be not willing to

easily give up.
  The red Xia is be placed in this kind of environment at the moment with red cloud.At red evil spirit terrible of Mr. show

to force bottom, be not willing to easily give up.
  Smell red cloud roars 1, big drink a way:"The double Xuan cut!"
  The red Xia smell speech immediately understand, the left hand of left hand and red cloud grip connect

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What?I am resolute objection, the princess must be on the hoof to bring back!"Nine You palace palace lord are nasty, know his such a daughter, not and till the last juncture, he how will issue order to kill again oneself of daughter?

    "The palace lord is the property an importance still a human life importance, return please a palace lord think thrice."

    "Not line, the princess must be on the hoof toUgg Boots Clearance bring back!"Nine You palace the words of the lord allow of no to query.

    "That our sea heart seven bitterness old brush-offs attend the rescue plan this time!"Seven big bitterness the old will be matchless resolute, will never with palace lord compromise.

    "You don't go, difficult way I can't?Hum!Don't forget me be nine You palace palace lords, nine You palaces have how much real strenght, I than you more clear, now let you take a look me personally train of 73 Neptunian warrior."

    "Is the Neptunian warrior where?"

    Shua-, the ray of light be one Shan and 73 person who wear the black Neptunian helmet appear in the public in front.See these people each facial expression Jun cold and the facial expression imitate Fo to come out with the rock Diao.

    "Very strong vehemence indeed as expected have already seen a head."Public send out to praise highly a voice in succession.

    "The bitterness is old and how is their real strenght?"Nine You palace palace the lord use derision of the facial expression ask seven big bitterness old.

    "Very strong, really strong.But if think with them from overseas three mountain extrication princess, I advise a palace lord still dead this mind."

    "Need not much said, my idea already definitely.Meeting adjourned!"

    Public leave in succession."Alas!The palace lord was quite good, in spite of wrist friendly soul, all is a square of male, can be hand goes limp in the natural affection but the heart Ci, this, let too much we disappointment.Let palace lord can the brave man break wrist, in a determined manner issue order to kill in fighting a princess, that his being just real be a male lord which call to rule world by force, not a the various Hou which lie at one square."Seven the big bitterness be old long give a sigh.

    "If the palace lord be cold heartless, you redeem a vow pledged an idea obey his leadership?"A elder mysteriously smiled to smile.

    "If palace lord true of cold heartless, calculate want me to the dead, I also willingly.Want to know me how hope nine You palaces can hold lord world, not has been lie in the North Sea."

    "Yes, if nine You palaces can be like to fall Xia door similar world of Zhao Wei, my dead also Ming eyes."Seven the big bitterness be old in succession generosity its Ci.

    "Call to rule world by force to have what okay, I still like at present of nine You palace."That elder doesn't agree seven big bitterness old standpoints.

    "Alas!Ising really a summer insect can't language ice, talk with you, true is waste our argument.We walk!"Seven the big bitterness was old to jilt to jilt gusset, spirit drum drum the ground walked.

    "From love crazy, you look down upon me and do I still look down upon you.My Pei!"That elder malicious Tuo one mouthful saliva, the spirit shouted ground to fly to walk.

    Nine You palace the rift of vehemence on the meeting, the sea breeze be soft they don't understand, particularly is a sea day Hui, also anxiously etc. nine You palace parties the most strong real strenght to give relief to them."Princess, do we exactly want to stay here how long?"Sea day the Hui be very impatient, eat sea fish to drink a salt water every day, he absolutely can not stand, so cannot help but ask sea breeze soft.

    "You asked for a day three times, you be not vexed I return vexed."The sea breeze is soft to impatiently return to 1.

    In three people most bitterness of in fact is a ghost hand elder, the ghost hand elder be from to fall a Xia door, has been being to live a comfortable life, childhood although once ate much suffering, all of that is land of life, with sea of root can not ratio.Eat salty fish every day, he eat quick vomit, the most angry of connect the opportunity for take a sunbathe be all been soft by the sea breeze to negation, say what afraid was discover by the purple lotus bellboy.

    "Hum!Shine on if this continues, we be not hold tight by the purple lotus bellboy, but grew crazy dead to drop."The ghost hand elder spirit shout ground to say.

    "Treat again for three days, treat again for three days, we start to fly to the North Sea."The sea breeze is finally soft to can not away with sea Hui and ghost hand elder for day of boisterous and clamorous, in fact the sea breeze be soft so stay here so long, is in her heart has been have a hope, that is Lin2 Nan2 to have no dead and she hope and Lin2 Nan2 Hui4 match.As for sea day Hui and ghost hand elder, have already taken Lin2 Nan2 into the dead person's scope.Play trick, 30 purple lotus bellboy dash up and he was deathless to just have ghost.

    This day, pale blue ground Kuo, sea day Hui and ghost hand elder be like a kid jumping around of sort excitement, have no he, today, they finally can leave that damn of island.Only the sea breeze soft one step three turn head, constantly watch from a distance sea, expectation miracle occurrence, Lin2 Nan2 burst upon in her in front.

    "Walk, walk, need not see, Lin2 Nan2 early dead."The ghost hand elder hurriedly press a way.

    "Kui you still keep falling Xia door elder, how have no some sympathy, 1:00 also nonchalance under charge the living of the pupil, do you of pupil, true is the mildewed which poured eight generation sons!"The sea breeze is ruthlessly soft to stare ghost hand elder, very anxious to live him to swallow.

    "This, this, is that the situation force."The ghost hand elder embarrassedly rubbed to rub a hand.

    Country frontier in the North Sea, the purple lotus big class get with other purple lotus bellboy already here exactly foolish a month, do not see the sea breeze soft shadow, the purple lotus big class get quick grow crazy, didn't completion day the mission of, he which have face back overseas three mountain, besides the day descend dead order, if completed, oneself calculate return, is also a dead end.

    "Cough!"The purple lotus big class get pure settle throat, " everyone, we already the frontier in the country of the North Sea be foolish a month zero 3 day, therefore will never ability again foolish bottom go to.Now my decision, parties how many persons go to palace in the North Sea to find out news, don't know who would like to left for?"

    Many purple lotus bellboy you push me me to push you, be have no 1 would like to go of.

    "So, draw lots decision, I have 31 label here, take out to go to the most short of three people immediately go to palace in the North Sea."The helpless purple lotus big class get to have to ask to draw lots this magic weapon, alas!Ever power and prestige the purple lotus bellboy of eight noodleses incredibly depravity arrive the situation which to draw lots, spread to go out, only afraid let the person laugh heartily.

    Public 1 get 1 to come to draw lots and take out long of person, excitement of the big Rang shout loudly, take out a short person and imitated Fo dead the old dad be similar, the Da pull head, a words all don't say, can at the sight of have than his shorter person, immediately excitement, than ate aphrodisiac to return concussion.

    "Day, you see, you open a day to see to see, now of what did the purple lotus bellboy all become?Depend their dozen world, alas!"The purple lotus big class get to draw a deep sigh, full face of distressed.

    Three suicide squad personnel chose to finally come out, is the ghost eye ground Yang respectively, ghost eye with breeze and ghost eye Dong day.

    "Take good care of!"The purple lotus big class got a line to their three people a gift, after all palace in the North Sea no less than at the place of extreme danger, their ability safety on the hoof come back of several rate almost is zero, ability send out a message very rare.

    Palace in the North Sea, three shadow silently hide into the shadow area of temple wall."Ground Yang, with the breeze, you pair of the magic infusion my body inside, I want use to separate a dollar deeply empty the absolute being read aloud to peep the palace bodyguard's brain and see have our a message for need."

    Separate a dollar deeply empty absolute being's read aloud be that one is very dangerous of achievement method, general is get by the purple lotus big class or with purple lotus big class territory equal of key figures the personnel display and be used for interrogating a captive.The capability doesn't come home, display this achievement, most easy explode body but Wu.Three people are a dead word, so have to wager a try luck.Control breath of three people are true quite good, coincidentally that bodyguard know a D point hidden facts.

    "Too good!"Three purple lotus bellboy excitement of quick cry, have never thought news come of such easy."Quick send letter an interest!"Hair overUggs Clearance    information, they silently withdrew.

    "?That little girl hasn't returned to palace in the North Sea and say so her to be to hide in a certain place.Hum!Good the miss of craftiness, we be stupid lacking innovation, respectful here wait their arrivals good."

    "The big class get astute!"Many purple lotus bellboy is big to flatter.

    "Purple lotus bellboy how also change of such vulgar, shine on so see, the prospect of three mountains in the overseas may sorrow!"The foreign enemy is strong combine can't afraid, many fort usually offend to break from the inner part of, purple lotus bellboy a series of variety, allusion overseas three mountains have necessity carry on restructure of a family tradition, otherwise the fish clan of need not person begin, overseas three mountain oneself perish.

    Now let we return the head see Lin2 Nan2.After absorbed cold ice Gang, Lin2 Nan2's mentality become geometric progression growth, at not to in a week, his mentality turned over 200%, speed of quick, keep pair of Lin2 Nan2 Jing of gape.The growth of mentality was also a catalyst Lin2 Nan2 Dui4 seven fasten magic trick of comprehension and usage, now of Lin2 Nan2, already ability first step use water fire and breeze thunder two fasten mixture magic trick, this but a fantastic progress, is a leap of quality.Be like in the past similar, Lin2 Nan2 toughen mentality again, now his brain in, probably have 1/3 of the mentality liquid quality have already turned."Don'ting know a now and soil chemical element's communication once, seeing is what felling."Lin2 Nan2 think like this and also did so.Boundless mentality radio ground the hurl is to the soil, a burst of such as big waves go forward.The fragrance of the mud, the body flavor of marmot, Lin2 Nan2 incredibly the ability smell get.Yi?The surprisingly mentality incredibly still has the sense of smell of function.Lin2 Nan2 Da4's feeling surprised Cha, this time, Lin2 Nan2 incredibly responded a soil chemical element a while, it make his eye pupil what to drop ground be that soil chemical element good the elephant be snore.

    "Difficult way soil chemical element also the sleeping, the illusion, must be an illusion."Lin2 Nan2 Si3 live be not willing to believe oneself of felling.

    "Soil chemical element, soil chemical element ……" Lin2 Nan2 constantly send out call of good intentions.

    "Who is bother my sleeping, is really how could such a thing be possible!"Soil chemical element very unhappily say, Shua-, a burst of ray of light flash across, the light of that soil yellow point incredibly became a kid of tiny Suo type.See that kid dress soil yellow of dress tunic, but long long long of white beard, more amazing is him incredibly firm sheep horn plait, indescribable of.

    "BE you?You call my stem what?Yi?You of the mentality be incredibly big to have an exaltation, know I with you just disappear for several days."

    "You, you still sleeping?"Lin2 Nan2 stammerly ask,

    "Who told your astral body can't sleeping, although I be a soil chemical element, also belong to astral body and also need to be take a rest.Besides fairy also the nap is really a much ado over nothing."The soil chemical element Du Nong wear to say, " what matter do you seek me to have?"

    "Have no, have no, I just want to examine my ability."

    "Your mankind return is really consider as correct, you examination ability why want noisy come to me sleeping, hum!Unreasonable."

    "You, you don't angry, rightness, I want to ask toward you, how feeling arrive other chemical element."

    "Hum!I today tell you in a bad humor and not!Which time my mood just tell you, sleeping go to also!"The ray of light is one Shan, that soil chemical element disappeared, term Lin2 Nan2 how scan with the mentality, but any further felling not arrive.

    "Boon, oneself of mentality not equal to person, nature felling not arrive want intentionally conceal of soil chemical element."Lin2 Nan2 Tan4 one breath, slowly took back mentality.

    "Rightness, now oneself of the mentality can spread all over square circle 1,000 many inside, if alone toward a direction, not the consciousness walk how far, also have, oneself of the mentality can target a target, then cut across space to arrive a target."Lin2 Nan2 have a little silent, again have a little eager to have a try.

    "Take a shot first alone toward."The Lin2 Nan2 Ba3 mentality Ning make a decision become a cake of, to positive north transmission, for making the limited mentality get full of make use of, he search of mentality scope settle is an inside breadth, then keep to north extension.The mentality imitate Fo to sit similar up the airplane, with past compare, the speed this time was much quick.Just the half engrave a clock and his mentality leaped 8,000 insides and arrived at the frontier of country in the North Sea.

    The frontier of country in the North Sea from superficial see, with other place nothing important differentiation, but extreme to energy sensitive of Lin2 Nan2 to say, a while detection other difference.On the frontier of the country of the North Sea, have the 1 F the very thin knot boundary, this although knot the boundary be transparent, ability impede and rebound mentality and the whole energy.(certainly, if you of mentality's being too strong then can tear off that knot boundary)Lin2 Nan2 want to try to check to take a look this knot boundary very much, but again afraid disturb nine You palace pupil, cause thus unnecessary of bother.Hence Lin2 Nan2's mentality turned curved, along knot boundary go forward.

    Bang-, Lin2 Nan2's mentality met with natural cover.

    "The mess is ghost eyes the spirit of the clansmen natural cover."Frightened in Lin2 Nan2 Xin, clearly appeared the shadow elephant for get of purple lotus big class in his brain at the same time.

    At the another part, also appeared Lin2 Nan2's shadow elephant in the brain for get of purple lotus big class, after all the telepathy almost be free from a timespace restriction.

    "Captured the shadow elephant of that black skin boy."The purple lotus big class get to happily say.

    "Which, which."The other purple lotus bellboy is particularly happy and the favour conflicting views ground ask.

    The purple lotus big class of"at, at ……" get to suddenly could not say words, after all with his fix for, most overlay square circle 2,000 inside, is past be his mentality follow Lin2 Nan2's mentality of track contrary search 2,000 inside break.

    "Big, the big class get, how, you pour to talk."The other purple lotus bellboy press a way in succession.

    "My mentality to him track broke line."The purple lotus big class got to sigh tone.

    "Difficult way that black skin boy fix for get to return Gao than the big class?"The other purple lotus bellboy was frightened to death.

    "Can appear this kind of circumstance, I think only 2 kinds probably, one is the real strenght of that black skin boy far on I, obviously this is impossible, another a be the magic trick of that boy very peculiar, can stay away search of my mentality."

    "The big class get, then it black skin boy detection our trace, that later how do we do?"

    "Immediately transfer a place, later had better hide Shu to conceal oneself with the spirit before you use magic trick, understand?"

    "Can the spirit hide Shu to consume magic very much."

    "If that was your own business, if who don't think dead, shine on my words to do."

    Another part, Lin2 Nan2 also was frightened to death, have never thought oneself of the mentality incredibly met with a purple lotus big class to get, the frontier which get in the North Sea of since purple lotus big class etc., seeing to the sea breeze soft ghost hand elder hasn't returned to the North Sea and say so them return on the water.Lin2 Nan2 immediately the excitement get up, he want gold wings Duo him to fly, but himself, but respond with the mentality.

    "Alas!Hard luck, surprisingly my open gold wings centipede incredibly the theory ride for the sit of other people."The gold wings use centipede language big grumble.

    "Gold wings, don't be disorderly to think, quick concentration energy fly."

    "Alas!Oneself incredibly forgot host and can respond oneself of viewpoint, later of hard up."The gold wings put together dead dint to fly before go toward.

    Fly ah fly, Lin2 Nan2 and gold wings was very quick to come right away the seaside.But Lin2 Nan2's mentality have already expanded to several a long distance outside."See, I saw them."Lin2 Nan2 excitedly shout a way.

    Far-away place 3,000 inside place, the sea breeze be soft and ghost hand elder three people row become 1"a" word fly, among them, the sea breeze be soft and depressed and not talking much.

    "Can don't know shout them?"Lin2 Nan2 also ignore oneself can success, luck the mentality be a burst of battle cry:"Sea miss, elder, I can find out you."Voice such as day thunder, the Long Long keep ring, return to concuss sea surface from the horizon, from the sea surface again return to wreath to the horizon, turns and twists of affairs of.

    "Being Lin2 Nan2 is Lin2 Nan2!"Have his face raddens all over of the sea breeze soft excitement, unexpectedly don't live in the heart cheer up, the felling of a warm ocean ocean such as tidewater similar surround all over the body, she is from mind and body to soul let her all feel thoroughly of Zhan Li.

    "Lin2 Nan2, we are here, you where!"The sea breeze is excitedly soft to shout a way, complete regardless of oneself young girl of act with dignity.

    "Carefully, this may is the trap that the enemy establish, know Lin2 Nan2 have no so fix of Gao for."The ghost hand elder Zhen carefully say.

    "BE Lin2 Nan2, absolute is Lin2 Nan2, my felling arrive his breathing.Feed!Lin2 Nan2, we are here, you where."The sea breeze soft joys quickly shout a way.

    "I am in leave you 3,000 the place of the place, I just scanned you with the mentality."

    "See ghost!3,000 inside, I be expensive to still could not sweep for the elder 500 inside?This affirmation is what the purple lotus bellboy of the other party pretend to be, sea day Hui, quick pair of sea breeze soft to dozen dizzy, don't let the other party agreeable voice seek to come over."

    Lin2 Nan2 Jian4 the sea breeze be soft, feel in the heart particularly enrichment but steady, a fresh and cool felling work properly to keep infuse feet bottom from the day."I come over right away."Say finishing Lin2 Nan2 launched mentality, as for he can cross this several space of a long distance and cross with the mentality what result, he basically has no consideration.Shua Shua-, the space of the sea breeze soft in front immediately send out silvery ray of light, a very small light point emitted to come out, shout-, that light point inflation get up, one circle of light dizzy with that light point for the center continuously surround.

    "Being Lin2 Nan2 is Lin2 Nan2, I already the felling arrived his breathing."The sea breeze was soft and too agitated to flow bottom the tears of happiness, probably, Lin2 Nan2 have already unconsciously walked into the inside of her life.

    "Leave at once here, the purple lotus big class got to make track for to come over."Ghost hand elder exactly the opposite, he has been think that to isn't Lin2 Nan2, but purple lotus bellboy.

    "Bang-", that gradual clear, Lin2 Nan2 and  Ugg Sale  gold wings appeared.

    "Lin2 Nan2 is you!"Sea day the Hui feel unimaginable.

    "The elder brother of the Nan!"The sea breeze was soft and fierce to rush toward past.

    The elder brother of the Nan?Lin2 Nan2 drive immediately point dead cave, whole individual as wood an on every occasion.The sea breeze is soft is not dislike me very much?How can call my Nan elder brother, and Nan elder brother, also too disgusting?

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In the blood light murdering absolute being sword, in 8,700 an act of the year agos act scenes, the that occurrence's revealing of reality is before green Xuan son's eyes and change into a soul impact and clean up to him but go!

Under my infusion of dint of space rule, the strength that murders absolute being sword finally revealed it, is an absolute being machine, real of strength!

Drive this kills idea arouse, the green Xuan sub- facial expression can not suppress of appear brief of absentminded, seven fly sword knit of intensive such as the sword net of rain also appeared brief crevice.

Opportunity to take advantage of this, my feet step to add falling of the Cheap Ugg Boots   melody of holding the breeze absolute being nine, in a twinkling crossed to heavily separate, blood-redly murder absolute being sword to lightly take in the hand at of the neck of green Xuan son.

Because the blood light draws off, green Xuan son pure clear Shan within eyes now, then, first eye, he then sees just to he hold sword smile of I.Still have that take between his neck, gleam the sword of murdering of light and blood-red bewitching difference ray of light absolute being.

As an intelligent person, for an instant, the green Xuan son then understands to settle a dispute feeling of probably circumstance.

Being long is long of sighed tone, the green Xuan sub- right hand was one Yang, hovered around dance in the wind at the air of seven fly sword to suddenly unite as one, return sword to return sheath.

"The Hong elder brother indeed as expected fixs for surprised sky of, at under admire."Green Xuan son Han head way.

"Green elder brother overpraised."While speaking, once the my left hand turn over, the glory of silver white one Shan but die, murdering the absolute being sword has already disappeared to disappear.

Go to this, world will martial big match four strong quotas have already been born:Long Bo, I and Mu permits long breeze and Si to pull especially.Mo Ni.

Tomorrow, world will martial big fourth day of the match, will definitely champion belong to!


Beg recommendation, beg to collect, beg an evaluation!This book needs your support!I just made a survey and hoped that each spectator doesn't hesitate to write me, at under here thanked humbly.I promise that your vote datas will become my decision, not only only is reference just!This work survey closes into this book end.

Chapter 135 my dream

"Hong boy, I ask you, you say that we are day and night bitter to fix acquisition get of the body strength, exactly for the sake of what?"In the dormitory building, after the supper, the segment Chuan sits on the sofa, suddenly one face philosopher investigation problem but not hence of touch kind, sink voice to say to me.

"E ……segment elder generation, do you how can and suddenly thought of a so abstruse problem?"Did the brain take out breeze?I am in mind and very not oldUggs Clearance  love young of added 1.

"Answer me!"[Recruit an e-book:www.WRbook.com]

"E ……all right.", I suddenly rang out my that surprised world Qi ghost absolute being for those early years and spoke the dream that can let the all dumbstruck in addition of politician have no language.Immediately the facial expression becomes a bit weird.

"Segment elder generation, are you to want to listen to true words still a leave words?"

"The useless talk is certainly true words!"The segment Chuan has never liked spirit white my one eye, spend white of the beard doesn't live of the flutter be not and lightly obviously annoyed by me.

"Is all right, speaking you may is some to marvel, please must work well mental preparation."

Drive I so on saying, Long Bo waited the person's vision to also focuse to come over in succession and twinkled the light of gossip in the eyes.

Deeply take a suck at spirit, I am past to make to mildly say:"Not long since, I make great effort the power of self-discipline be want to set up a teacher of**cluster, then every day sound of music and song, living an illegitimate child of army corps.Immediately after, after some years, crack sword Jue in the sky becomes successfully and attains ground unreal of heavy diva's sword of the seventh, masters the passage of the boundary way fairyland of person and flies to rise to become immortal.After Yao ……Hey Hey, marry severals gentleness water, elegantly simple such as floral of the pretty woman is a wife and only believe in to show off Zu and tell others to mostly have a face!"

Is silent, the dead is generally silent to resound at the dormitory of building in!In addition to not clear trouble in my house of small sky of outside, which afraid is that the inhospitality is like 2 Xu Kuang Long, Xu Lin You,s, town settle calmly such as Chuan Yang Feng of Long Bo Duan it flow, still can not help Tang eyes tongue-tied, the along while doesn't know why.

Is all right, can make so many somebodies peep out such a carriage, I feel that I should also be getting more proundhearted.

"Mix ……mix Zhang boy!"Return to absolute being the segment Chuan coming bellow repeatedly, towarding me am some kind of responsibilities that split a cranium face to ask.Up go to nation of economic development, next to the knight's glory disgrace, is really complete with everything.Do these things have what relation with me however I am really not a little bit understand?, Segment old man, he still hopes me as eastern China empire and do much construction and contribution?

As for Yang Feng this has no good old man, also not resigned to playing second fiddle, immediately put one to deplore greatly the facial expression that the in addition beats breast and stamps feet.The image is fresh clear, vivid and matchless, seem really similar, is really difficult for him so a greatly return age ability like this outstanding performance dint.

"Is all right, all right, I know wrong."I stretch hand to signal hint a Chuan to stop, doesn't matter of stretch lazy waist, until segment the Chuan see want to become angry again, just saying of lazy ocean ocean:"But that was already the past affair, I had already reformed and turned over a new leaf now."

", Why?"Yang Feng surprised way, seem this bad timber will also change to have very great surprise and dare not believe for me.

"Because a women!"While speaking, rarely present on my face one silk gentleness and that don't add to the slightest cover up thick thickly love dearly.

"E …… Hong boy ……"

"H'm?How?"At the moment of I, the look in the eyes is surprising confusing and gentle and soft, the tender feelings in the heart turns to also turn not to open, seem the world didn't what is up can make me cut up rough similar.

"Early don't well love."


"Feed, Hong boy, there are words saying well, stem what don't  want to take out to murder absolute being sword?This is the absolute being machine, in case that the mistake didn't well harm much ……"

Gleam the murdering of blood-red bewitching difference ray of light absolute Ugg Sale being sword to take to put between the segment Chuan neck, my eyes Mi becomes 1 to sew, orotund but gentle and soft must be good water is general of the light tone say:"Segment elder generation, you to I and beautiful if what opinion does the friendship together have?"

"E ……can I say to have?"Murder absolute being sword in the side, segment the voice of the Chuan keep on being immediately small, the bottom annoys obviously rather previous foot.

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The thunder lion of Yu star is ahead blunt noodles, but the day show off and the orchid Be graceful to follow in the both sides, shell Lai Si at end but the orchid orchid in the sky attackstone.Everyone takes the offensive with the laser cannon.But the enemy's armors are all very hard a little bit more basic affairs to all have no.But Yu star they had a little danger, because they didn't open a protection cover!"Yu star, we still open a protection cover good.They are also similar!We just of the attacks was all coveredUggs On Sale by the protection to hold up."The day shows off the attack of staying away the enemy to say.

"Is all right!Everyone opens a protection cover.I think that you also support not to live quickly.Everyone need not afraid that the strength lost.The enemy is also similar to us!"He finished saying and then was protected by the charged barbed wire net in 1 F blue to round.But the other protection cover is all different.The day shows off what to is a blue jelly spirit protection cover, orchid orchid is a fiery protection cover and shell Lai the protection cover, orchid friendship of soil of the Si is a bare protection cover.The enemy's attacks didn't rise what effect.

"See to them still don't discover 1:00!You say BE?Brigadier general adult!"I see them early and early opening a protection cover to really worry.Because the enemy is certain energies didn't consume, contrary their strength values already descend Be getting more.

"You say what?How don't I understand?"The brigadier general packs to carelessly say.

"Ha ha, you need not packed.What your unmanned driver robots are infinite energies isn't and yes!So you want to let these five set legendary martial Dou machine to do a test?You don't want to forget, although the energy is infinite.But the value of tallest your energy only has 200,000."I said out point.But the brigadier general fear after having already started, because what I knew is getting tooer many.

There is variety in the period circumstance that we talk, Yu star a person's opening a protection cover is resisting the enemy's attack.But the others then counter-attack in his back.See come is discover.However the attack like this still can't win!Was an affair that shouts that the idea anticipates to take place, the robot of one set no man driver was beaten in and have already lost fighting strength.

"How may?Their protection covers aren't likely to be broken of?This is what is the row?"The brigadier general sees a set fall flop dare not believe behind of say.

"Ha ha, is so!Your doing not see them are to concentrate to attackstone at 1:00?Although their attacks are blocked descend, also also consumed the strength of protection cover at the same time.Broke in the words of attack when waiting hadn't added to complete.So the infinite strength isn't invincible."I see they concentration attackstone 1:00 to just know behind.

But at this time other unmanned robots was to grow crazy to similarly attackstone."Is this what happened?They how so kind?"This it's my turn to ask him.

"It isn't good.Is the vengeance procedure of unmanned robot to start.You see them preparing to be using to largely attackstone."The unmanned driver's machine has been already transformed while talking.2 became big gun but another two  then manipulate big gun.

"Everyone quickly use to extremely recruit, otherwise you die settle.Is quick!"I come out to watch the room saying.

Everyone heard my words all use extremely recruit."Thunder light cannon!""The coldest jelly light!""Molten lava big gun!""Ground the crack Tu stab!""Saint light cannon!"And the unmanned robot also launched an attack.Two energy balls and four energy light beams touch at together.The huge explosion vibrated the whole cities all for a while.The station of the martial Dou machine peace of five monsters is over there after waiting dust dissipation.However the strength about had no.But the unmanned robot drive big gun of have already been stabbed by the Tu of ground to broke through.

"Not so bad nothing important matter.Hong brigadier general, seeing to robot still don't use well.You see no one luckily get hurt."I clapped to clap the dust on the body to say.

"That I see is to have no an opportunity, you see another two sets are still intact to have no Sun of over there!Have already become back now."Point at the robot of becoming the big gun to say.

"See come is can't.I see the forbiding of indiscrimination last time only curse to vanquish them.Yu star you if can move and then push to shut down a database.Here hand over to me good.Brigadier general you still keep returning to watch the room going to."Finished saying and then tooked out a magic wand.But the others then listen to my words all treat at watch room in.But Yu star they then pressed back to shut down a database.I see everyone not at start reading voodoo:"Conceal an up in the air Ugg Boots Sale  l element!Please listen to my order and collect me here ……form the thunder of many divine judgment!Many absolute being decide!"Finished saying and then appeared dark cloud immediately after is tens of thousands thunder and lightnings to beat down.

"Teacher, very fierce!This should can't be a sorcery!"Student excitement of call way.And the brigadier general of flank they are also been getting more shocked by my strength, the locator shows of number is 300,000.In fact is a sorcery Zhang to chase power anti- times.

And Yu star they are also very shocked.The teacher being own unexpectedly unexpectedly touches a master.But thunder lion they are then an appearance of so that's why.(Although we can't see.)

The protection cover of unmanned robot also gradually falls behind to consume under the attack of thunder and lightning of energy.The moment breaks their instruments all very serious.Lead very long time just stopped down."Shout, seem hereafter still little recruit with this well.Just half of thunder and lightnings beat on me."I clapped to clap burnt clothes to say.

"Teacher, you are too severe.Are you a sorcery teacher?"The Yu star walked out from the bridge house concussion of say to me.

"Yes!You are also fierce!However you knew their yous now where don't go!Although your current strength is strong isn't the strongest either.Hereafter want to thoroughly toughen!"I again the novella say.Who call they not they exterminate of, also want me to come to Ma Bang.Be really of.

"Is sorry!We will definitely much and much toughen.So can the teacher learn sorcery?"The Yu star looks to like sorcery very much, however doesn't know that he can learn.

"It is all right.However I don't promise that you can definitely learn!"Loudly of say.Everyone heard to learn sorceries to all excitedly jump.Only those soldiers are preoccupied look, because have two set machines have already canned not use.Still have which two sets be beaten bad two setses by me!

Chapter 57-~teach sorcery~

"Teacher, do you when teach us?We severals will be definitely put by the soldier to go into to use.So can having no time teach now?"The Yu star says with a smile.

"My seeing is your boy 8 F is to can't wait for!Is all right!I start teaching now.In fact sorcery be with the chemical element communication in the air, not is order but is request them.Everyone shuts eyes now I to make everyone realize the existence of chemical element, the matter after was your own business.I am to help not up busy.Start!"Finish saying I orderanied a chemical element to close to to my student and communicate.But everyone sink to immerse to just communicate with chemical element of status.

"That teacher Li, you can also and your how many students join us together?I think that they don't want to leave you as well.How?"The Hong brigadier general walked to come over to say.

"So!That you give me a what job?I don't want to be ordered by the other people."Hey Hey!The words that originally returned to will be definitely cross-examined by beautiful snow.Rather go to troops!Where anyway not is have fun!Probably have fun than the better school in the troops!However join troops, it is the words that are ordered to get to there.I am cross-examined by berather autiful snow here.

"This you trust, I have already above instruct.They decide to appoint you as allied troops' major general in the cosmos.This is your ordination book, like we tomorrow will connect yours.We walked and saw major general Lee again!"Have already finished saying and then gotted on the car to leave.

I took an ordination book to stare blankly in a short while."What?Be not go today?That I am still living at school.See come is can not escape."My student also all waked up at this time.An is all happy.Only the Yu star is preoccupied look."How Yu star?Didn't you order contract with chemical element?"Should be not happy for this matter!

The Yu star shook to shake head to say:"Be not, is have four order with me contract!Can't the meeting have a problem?"Pour originally for the sake of this matter!Earnestly wish to there are four chemical elements ordering with oneself contract at mainland everyone of sorcery!

"Be free!This is the good matter, you can use four kinds of sorceries now.Isn't very good?"I explanation way.Otherwise was his thinking what bad matter!

"But positive as it does I a contracts dided not order!"The Yu star said out real reason.

Is to return so a matter, because of which chemical element exactly order contract to cause in the melancholy an also too late order.I see an affair like this only will have here!"Be free, you are in shutting eyes now."Finish saying and then order again chemical element to communicate with him."Like, everyone ordered contract with chemical element?"I toward everyone to say.Sink and immerse at pleased in the middle of person all call awake.

"Yes!Teacher how does that just can put sorcery?"Everyone answer way.

"Have not I told you the voodoo!The of course not can put sorcery.Like, order a contractual person to follow me to read together with fire chemical element.Conceal an up in the air fire chemical element!Please listen my wish to coagulate you ……form scorching hot fireball.Fireball Shu!"Finish saying my hand in appear a the fireball of the football size."Like, everyone also comes to try!"

"Conceal an up in the air fire chemical element!Please listen my wish to coagulate you ……form scorching hot fireball.Fireball Shu!"Finish saying everyone all appeared the fireball of different size.The biggest foot contains the size of wash basin.This person is a day to show off.

"The day shows off although your fireball is big,the strength Cheap Ugg Boots  scattered too much.And the density is also many small."I pointed out the place of his shortage.

Can the other party not appreciate favors given."Teacher, is be not the fireball that you see me compares you of big want to limit me of strength?"The day shows off to defy saying of spirit.

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Chen Feng saw an up of jewelry, order way:"Manager Wu, has Lao you guarded a pass in person, press I say of, total 50,000,000 jewelries, finish choosing me to pay a bill."

Chen Feng also isn't afraid of this Wu to accept expensive suddenly and leisurely he, is the person of big business, it is usually not and easi to have petty gains.

"Ha ha, since Mr. Chen cans believe me, that Wu is some and then definitely is responsible for the Sir."Wu Cheng Gui's air complicatedly saw Chen Feng Yi's eye, dark way this boy unexpectedly opened one condition like this, he really can a time did the son eat 50,000,000 jewelries?And this promise, also obvious not reasonable, regardless his gain or loss, all have to actually true at of bought 50,000,000 jewelrieUggs On Sale   , 50,000,000 is what concept, there are again several individuals in F City can with easily take out 50,000,000, none of eyebrowses is wrinkly for a while, this lets much Wu Cheng Gui who is engaged in jewelry profession for several years how not understand.

Wealth atmosphere thick person his Wu Cheng Gui is to have never seen, can so and purely for packing B with other people, take out 50,000,000 a while of, and look will never over the 20-year-old youth, he still really sold to once see.

Doing not understand isn't understand, Wu Cheng Gui still devotes of take out calculator, with meticulous care chose total price 50,000,000 jewelries for Chen Feng, speak of come to he the jewelry like this go, also is really be worthy of the name of eliminate gold cellar, here, you need not rich pack condescension, also need not have no money pack extravagant, the girl friend thinks greatly of a style of quite good jewelry, you dare none of eyebrowses Be wrinkly to buy down all of a sudden, you are rich.

"Can pay by card?"Chen Feng again takes out him that Switzerland bank card in black, pass to Wu Cheng Gui.

Wu Cheng Gui nods to connect bottom, don't also peep out what fussbudget facial expression, 50,000,000 quotas, only depending to pay by card machine has already canned not complete, have to carry on a bank transfer.

Be like him the jewelry like this goes and pluses some small jewelries to go to ascend him to lift goods here, basically every day have so a two, masterly get into network interface, shone on the number of Chen Feng Ka's top to lost into, again importation check certificate code, Chen Fengs like,etc inputed to trade a password.

Chen Feng is while doing card in Macau especially idea gave an account Chen Hong, all passwords establish 123456, Switzerland bank naturally has no the ruleses of local bank, even if you don't establish passwords to all go.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Chen Feng didn't cover and was present several people, including an estimate is the noodles of Wu Cheng Gui's female secretary, ordered six piece words on the notebook keyboard in a row, saw of Wu Cheng Gui with the gape of Wang Cheng Guo, certainly, Liu Jin's pressing roots has never dared to see.

"50, 000, 000 RMBs, transfer success at present."

After computer screen up transfer a successful hint, public comfortable in succession tone, also indicate this be over that fight.

See 50,000,000 account of oneself's company of having already got intos, Wu Cheng Gui that dares to also neglect and hurriedly orders the beauty secretary of one side to look for person to tidy up Chen Feng to buy the next jewelry, wrapping packing, wrap the pack of Chen Chen, this descends him be earn a big pen RMB.

"Is ashamed, owner Liu, the this Chen's breeze small brothers really has 50,000,000."Wang Cheng Guo politely saw Chen Feng Yi's eye, Liu Jin who came over here to sit in seat of honor to this sofa said:"Is Liu Lao Ban according to your agreement, you lost."

Say, Wang Cheng Guo certainly takes out to bring of writing and having the contract that 3 people sign, put at table up, in times before for Liu Jin of polite, but little a lot of, come down this time, plusing Wu Cheng Gui can give his lift, get it several 1,000,000 not a problem, hereafter basically need not saw whose facial expression.

Wang Cheng Guo can't fool him, Wu Cheng Gui doesn't more and impossibly fool him, Liu Jin has a little decadent, the but again has to accept reality, Chen Feng didn't spare no one and packed B to pack to go out 10,000,000 many, also enough he is subjected to.

Chen Feng took out the packing of hand inside B contract, openings way:"Cool criticism I say owner Liu, I don't say, 10,000,000, you transfer, I walk person, believe owner Wu here should be able to complete."

Wu Cheng Gui hurriedly promises of ordered to nod, the face was last full crease.

This guy that Wang Cheng Guo is dark to scold Liu Jin at last planted heel head today and packed Bs to all pack not eliminate to stop, also meet with to compare him and can pack B, can what then somebody else true cow B, spend 50,000,000 to play with his mama, your Liu Jin is in the cow B, you can not do either not BE.

Liu Jin keeps silence and lowers the head the bank card of handing over an oneself to Wu Cheng Gui:"Transfer."

10,000,000 soon turn to the inside of Chen Feng Ka, once connected own card, Chen Feng saw also not see of picked up a table of jewelry with exactly a box of top, see also not see put the so-called contract on the table, the head doesn't return as well of without telling anyone the facing down stairs walks.

The person of wretchedness necessarily has hateful place, this Liu's gold is originallyUgg Boots Sale   one to pack B to sell old, crafty mean person, see him that vice- to float the face reading of Kua, estimate is also have no little disaster other people, for the person like this, Chen Feng doesn't receive guest spirit as well.

Lookinging at Chen Feng have to leave, Wu Cheng Gui hurriedly signals hint the beauty secretary of flank to start mutually send, the beauty secretary caught up Chen Feng to just want to border on with his set sentence, was declined by Chen Feng to return to, sought one unmanned dead angle, Chen Feng silently and silently of had the box of jewelry to accept into a space ring, the jewelry went of door, greatly trod facing not the coffee shop of distance walks.

"Feed, young lady, can I ask me to drink one cup coffee?"What Chen Feng appeared and disappeared mysteriously secretly sits at Han Mo Chen's flank, explore one chapter big face, almost stick at Han Mo Chen's powder delicate Qiao face up.

"."This wench is obviously thinking an affair, until Chen Feng's face really sticks at her face up, just make her discover.

"Did you win?"Han Mo Chen first reaction.

"Win."Chen Feng ordered to nod and carried to have the front of Han Mo Chen to put of drank coffee of half cup to quaff in one gulp.

"Win?, How do you drink my coffee."Han Mo Chen exclaims a way.

"Ha ha, you are afraid that I dislike you is dirty."Chen Feng saw Han Mo Chen's one eye that the Xia fly a pair of cheeks and smiled to make fun of a way.

"Go to yours, I still dislike you dirty."The sarcastic white of Han Mo Chen Chen Feng Yi's eye, took a look a flank, the not so bad nobody notices a this place, " what coffee do you drink?To, do you say that you really won?"

The inside of Chen Feng Zui has no a serious words, Han Mo Chen makes sure of ask a way.

"H'm."Chen Feng is actually true at of ordered to nod:"Did not fool you, had already really won."

"Feeding is coming to two cup coffees, will just that kind of taste of."A attendant at the right moment passes by, Chen Feng power order way.

"Say quickly, you which come of so much money?"Got the answer of Chen Feng's affirmation, Han Mo Chen didn't depend on asking of Rao the way obviously want to know that is actually not.

"Do you really want to know?"Chen Feng puts a mysterious facial expression.

"Useless talk."Han Mo Chen is white Chen Feng Yi's eye, return with the color way:"Hurriedly tell me, you can't be rob bank."

"Can tell you not to are to rob bank, however is also just about, but don't go against the law, do you really want to listen to?"Chen Feng again holds in suspense a way.

"Say quickly."Han Mo Chen is hanged up by Chen Feng to have interest, the small hand silently kneaded Chen Feng's armpit Ruan meat.

"Depend, this wench what the time learned this to recruit."If before changing, Han Mo Chen would have action like this not to dare to make people imagine, musted be Han Da Dun's beauty be been handsome by the origin to move a tender heart, if the guy of some shamelesses actually thoughted of.

"Wanting to know can also, unless ……"

"Unless do your girl friend to right?"

"I didn't say, you said by yourself."Han Mo Chen's tiger wore a face to rush toward up:"See you dare to also humiliate me~~chock to death you."

"~~" Chen Feng matches with this to send out to kill hoggish Hao to call.

"When be"

"Execuse me, Sir, two coffee arrived."The attendant lightly knocked to knock table, carrying of courtesy two cup steaming hot coffee stand on one side, obviously is that Chen Feng has to be quiet in good intentions' reminding.

"E~~ashamed, bother you."Embarrassed 2 people quickly sit properly, connecting of Chen Feng's apology is over coffee.

"Ha ha."See the attendant leave, red face of come to 2 people to mutually see a to smile, Han Mo Chen Don't mention it gave Chen Feng Yi the exorbitant profits.


Chen Feng doesn't give up of ask a way.

The business of the most romantic chapter 163


Chen Feng doesn't give up of ask a way.

"Unless …."Han Mo Chen blinks good-looking big eyes, may may of looking at Chen Feng.

There is scheme.

"Unless what?"Chen Feng hurriedly asks a way.

"Ha ha, unless you can take me to fly to up go to moon."The answer way with expectant look of Han Mo Chen.

"Are you certain?"Chen Feng may may of looking at Han Mo Chen with earnest look.

"How, you not is fly?"

"Beauty, I will fly is to fly, I ain't absolute being be not."Chen Feng tooks a look a flank, right away one face black line, drinking of stuffy head one mouthful coffee, set up for what don't also take place of appearance, throw a person...Band together...

Let him take Han Mo Chen to play a sky to outside fly fairy to still go, arrive top in the moon play, was really difficult for him, don't say to is his Chen Feng, even if is a method Er the real strenght of the top period especially, again don't ask for help of the circumstance of any outside dint under, all is not likely to accomplish of affair.

Presumably also only the star show off mainland create to say mediumly and Cheap Ugg Boots     create a life time absolute being with many absolute being Dis that he leaves, just have skill like that, calculate, the mankind on the earth can with lend science and technology strength to ascend the moon, return is really a star to show off some sword absolute being method absolute being in the mainland claps a horse to also fail to catch of affair.

Boundless cosmos, the star of existence intelligence life again the Earth and star show off the mainland is two, ever since that time knew that the star shows off the existence in the mainland, originally still to the Alien's existence hold Chen Feng who doubt the attitude, also become to believe deeply to doubt not.

Perhaps which day, he can arrive a star to show off mainland to see …

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